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“New York’s queen of avant-garde piano”
(The New Yorker)

The Lisa Moore Trio

"The brilliant and searching Lisa Moore..."
(The New York Times)

"Lisa Moore, an Australian pianist long based in and around New York,
has always been a natural, compelling storyteller..."
(The New York Times)

"Lisa Moore played a beautiful, impassioned set"
(The New York Times)


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Described by the New York Times as "lustrous at the keyboard, and at once engaging and challenging", pianist Lisa Moore has moved audiences across the globe with her powerful and sensitive performances.

“delicacy mingles with brusqueness...
Lisa Moore's energy was illuminating...”
The New York Times Nov 06

"Moore creates here a one-woman opera which is thrilling both for its drama and dazzling pianism"
The Sydney Morning Herald, Jan 2004

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On Tuesday January 13 2015 at (le) poisson rouge in NYC Lisa is performing a solo concert to celebrate the official release of Mad Rush - her new solo CD of piano music by Philip Glass on the Orange Mountain Music label, and as part of The LPR (New)Classical Series!
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"The piano music of Philip Glass is hypnotic, timeless, clear and beautiful. As a performer the possibilities for creating colors in Philip’s music are infinite – his melodies, sonorous harmonies and formal structures allow room for individual interpretation and expression. Back in 2006, while on tour with Philip Glass and the Bang on a Can All-Stars, I began to feel a growing connection to Philip – both as a person and composer of universal, mesmerizing, ritualistic music. I was moved and began to study and perform his works in my own solo shows. During the summer of 2014 Orange Mountain Music (Glass’ official label) offered me the chance to record a CD featuring the classic Glass piano repertoire. My January 13 night at (le) poisson rouge will be the official release and launch of this recording – it’s called Mad Rush. Please join me to witness and celebrate the birth of my OMM recording." – Lisa Moore

Lisa made it - she is "New Music Performer of the week" on this blog:

The new Cantaloupe Stainless Staining EP is on Heavy Rotation on NPR Top 5 list. Check it out.
"In the end [Stainless Staining] is 15 minutes of very rhythmic, patterned, richly overtoned music. Lisa Moore plays her role perfectly and the music buzzes and swings its way through your head with irresistible drive and elan. It's a disk that will be finding its way onto my player many times in the future I am sure. In its own way it has a perfection. It is a kind of heaven! Would you require more than that?"
(Gapplegate Classical Music)

"Dispensing with fireworks in five selections from Schumann’s “Waldszenen,” Ms. Moore phrased with a breathlike lyricism in the introduction and finale; between those points she showed her capacity for illuminating character, most vividly in a haughty, preening 'Vogel als Prophet'..."
Steve Smith (The New York Times) April 2011

New CD on Cantaloupe!
"Martin Bresnick’s Caprichos Enfáticos: Los Desastres de la Guerra, an 8-movement concerto for pianist Lisa Moore and So Percussion, begins with, of all things, a farandole/farándula - a popular, jaunty 6/8 chain dance. In live performance, Lisa Moore plays the opening line of the farandúla on xylophone, alone on stage. A percussionist enters behind her and seamlessly takes over the line, and Moore continues to the second line. A second percussionist enters, taking over the first line, and the first percussionist moves to the second line, and Moore moves to the next layer, etc. It’s torturous to try and describe the effect in words, especially since it’s been three years since I saw it live at the 2008 Canberra International Music Festival in Australia, but it really does look and feel like a musical chain dance. It’s also just really cool to watch Lisa Moore play toms."

by Jeremy Beck (

Lisa made a funny cameo appearance and plays in "Untitled" the movie, starring Adam Goldberg. Music by David Lang, Chopin and Greig.

Solo discs out there!


"A bravura recording of works by Rzewski, Moore offers remarkable take on 'De Profundis',
it sounds as revelatory as ever in pianist Lisa Moore's brilliant new recording"
(Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle, June 2003)

“Gosfield's Overvoltage Rumble was a serious art-rock gas, and a veritable concerto for keyboardist Lisa Moore,
who drew upon a sampled vocabulary of sampled analog-synth smudges, smears and blurts.”
(TimeOut NY, Steve Smith blog, 2/06)


available now (amazon, cantaloupe and itunes)
Bresnick's "For The Sexes:The Gates of Paradise" DVD


Lisa Moore has dedicated her life to creating a new way to experience the piano. Combining powerful technique with vivid theatricality, her solo concerts are more than ordinary piano recitals. Texts, songs, whistles and screams mix with virtuosic cascades of pianistic brilliance, creating forceful thematic programmes, focusing on a single composer or idea.
Equally at home in the masterworks of the past and present music, many of the works she performs have been written especially for her. Through her vast experience working with living composers she has developed a unique and unforgettable piano repertoire.


"…my childhood was spent in the leafy suburbs of Canberra, Australia. I remember long afternoons stretched out on the carpet, head by the speakers, listening to Peter and the Wolf, the Grieg Piano Concerto, the latest Beatles singles and my parent’s large collection of 78‘s--songs by Eartha Kitt, Smacker Fitzgibbon and Rose Murphy. Teenage years were partly spent lying under the stars in outdoor concerts hearing local bands like Skyhooks and Midnight Oil. The rest of the time I was acting in youth and school theater, being Snow White and Oliver Twist and generally blowing off school. But for as long as I can remember the piano has been a part of my life, and for many years the violin too.

My mother played Schumann, my grandmother played Schubert. There was always a piano around. As a Sydney conservatory student I met real living composers and I threw myself into the exciting world of premieres and new creations. New music deepened my empathy for the classical repertoire. Approached from a fresh perspective the classics suddenly sounded “avant-garde”. I moved overseas to study in the cornfields of Illinois and found myself surrounded by a huge new music and jazz scene. Long story short, 5 years later, after putting time in up-state NY and Paris, I moved to New York City-over 23 years ago.

I’ve met and played with so many diverse, first-rate musicians. Composers have written heaps and heaps of notes for me and I try to play them, with clarity, gusto and conviction. I’ve performed and recorded old, new and unusual music all over the world with many kinds of musicians in different venues. I’ve played in the pit with the ballet, in the back with the percussion, out front in concertos and on stage in the theater. I’ve played on renowned stages, on boats, in ancient caves and smelly dives and under umbrellas. Music gives me freedom from the conventional and a safe place to take risks."


You are listening to an excerpt from the second movement of the Lou Harrison piano concerto
- equal temperament tuning

Lisa Moore performing Don Byron's Piano Etude no.4


Available Programs

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Lisa Moore is a Steinway Artist